About us

We introduce our company, which specialises in the manufacture of precision sand castings in aluminium and magnesium alloys.

Occupying 20,000 square feet, the business is contained within a single unit. In-house facilities include heat treatment, ultra violet penetrant flaw detection, X-ray examination and chromate finishing of magnesium castings.

The foundry supplies many customers in the Automotive, Motorsport and General Engineering markets with castings ranging from a few grams up to 100 kilos net weight in both aluminium and magnesium alloys.

During December 2004 Creasey Castings sold a 50% share holding to Stone Foundries, and is now producing all the motorsport castings formally catered for at the London site. This undertaking together with our existing customer base means the company is now one of the premier suppliers of aluminium and magnesium sand castings to the Autosport industry.

As a result of this partnership components of high integrity and complex nature can be project managed from concept to completion in unrivalled time frames. This is made possible by the flexibility of a tailored foundry facility coupled with the quality backup and technical support of an aerospace supplier.

Development of the new magnesium material ‘Elektron 21’ is jointly ongoing between Creasey Castings and Magnesium Elektron. As a result of this castings are currently operating in the market place much earlier than originally predicted.

Creasey Castings is a rapidly developing business servicing not only the automotive industry but also the prototype and pre-production markets. Castings are supplied to some of the worlds leading manufactures but the company also remains the leading supplier of vintage and classic car components, with requirements ranging from one off to batch supply.