Company profile

Company Directors
Russell Creasey (Partner), Shaun Creasey (Partner), Alan Alderton (Partner), John Townsend (Partner) and Christopher Darcy (Partner)

Company Managers
Chris Powley, Sales Manager
Robert Griffin, Foundry Manager

Production Control Brian Large

Number of employees

Company turnover (2008)
£2.4 Million

CAD/CAM data accepted
IGES format
DXF file
(Our pattern-tooling supplier can also accept data in Pro-engineer and Catia for quotation purposes. However, data in these formats has to be translated into IGES for manufacture).

Key Customers
Rotex Ltd
Dymag Racing UK Ltd
Elan Motorsports Technology Inc
Hewland Engineering
K R Racing (Kenny Roberts)
Ilmor Ltd
McLaren F1
Ricardo MTC
Ricardo 2010
Swindon Racing Engines
Tony Thompson Racing
Williams Grand Prix Eng
Xtrac Ltd

Product Base
Magnesium gearbox cases, suspension housings, wheels, manifolds, steering racks, cam covers & aluminium cylinder heads, blocks, sumps, pumps, gearbox cases, steering racks, manifolds, brackets.