EK21 datasheet
Magnesium Casting Alloy

Chemical Composition
  Min Max
Zinc 0.2 0.5
Neodymiume 2.6 3.1
Gadolinium 1.0 1.7
Zirconium   Saturated
Magnesium   Remainder

Heat Treatment
(All temperature in degrees centigrade).
Heat to a temperature of 520 for 8 hours, then quench in water (60-80°) or polymer. Then age for 16 hours at 200° and air cool.

Mechanical Properties
0.2% Proof Stress (N/mm²) 145  
Tensile Stress (N/mm²) 248  
Elongation (%) 2  
Brinell Hardness 65-75  
Physical Properties
Specific Gravity 1.82  
Coefficient of thermal expansion 25.3x 10K  
Thermal conductivity 116WmK  
Specific Heat 1086JkgK  
Electrical Resistivity 94.6nm  
(Add the missing values i.e. N/mm squared, 10 to 6K to-1, Wm to -1K to -1, Jkg to-1K to -1)