LM6 datasheet
Aluminium Casting Alloy

Chemical Composition
  Min Max
Copper   0.1
Magnesium   0.1
Silicon 10.0 13.0
Iron   6.0
Manganese   0.5
Nickel   0.1
Zinc   0.1
Tin   0.05
Titanium 0.05 0.2
Aluminiuim   Remainder

Heat Treatment
Ductility can be improved slightly by heating to 250-300°C, but apart from stress relieving, the heat treatment of LM6 is of little industrial interest.

This alloy has a high resistance to corrosion and excellent castability, it is most suitable for marine applications, watercooled manifolds and water jackets, motorcar and transport fittings. It is especially suitable for castings that will need to be welded together. The ductility of LM6 enables it to be rectified or modificed at a later date, castings can be cast straight and reshaped later.
Mechanical Properties
0.2% Proof Stress (N/mm²) 60-70  
Tensile Stress (N/mm²) 160-190  
Elongation (%) 5  
Brinell Hardness 50-55  
Shear Strength (N/mm²) 120