Quality aluminium and magnesium castings

The motor sport industry worldwide has recognised the advantages to be gained from using sand cast magnesium parts in alloys originally developed for the aerospace industry. Their lightweight and high strength to weight ratio provide many users with a competitive advantage. Many vintage and historic race teams continue the tradition of using wheels and auxiliary parts cast in magnesium alloys dating back as far as the 1920's

Aluminium alloys are extensively used in motor sport for critical engine components, gearboxes, steering assemblies and suspension housings. Markets range from Formula One and Champ car to historic and club racing. Aluminium alloys are generally easier to cast and machine, with the added benefit of cost savings due to the availability of raw materials compared to Magnesium.

Data sheets
We provide all the following technical data sheet information, click code number for full details.

Aluminium Alloys
LM6 General purpose alloy with high resistance to corrosion
LM25 Applications in food, chemical and marine industries
L169 High strength variation on Lm25 spec
L155 High strength copper based alloy used mainly in the aerospace industry
LM4 General purpose alloy
L119 High strength, high temperature
Magnesium Alloys
L122/A8 Magnesium with 8% Aluminium content used mainly for wheels and suspension parts
L128/RZ5 Magnesium with 5% Zirconium use for transmissions and drive units
Elektron 21 High strength under high temperatures for transmissions