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Base Material Quality
Each ingot of material entering our site is accompanied by a metallurgical certificate of conformity, with a chemical analysis to ensure each spec meets the required standard.


Foundry Processes
The sand mixing machinery within our foundries are constantly monitored for chemical additions and quality of mix, this enables us to produce a consistent finish to all our magnesium and aluminium castings

Each casting produced is inspected on many separate occasions, firstly a visual inspection at the knock out process, the second visual inspection and dimensional check is carried out after an initial shot blast, this process will uncover any subsurface defects, all castings are then submerged in an ultra-violet reactive dye penetrant, this will highlight any very small defects that may be detrimental to the casting. X-ray examination can be carried out to castings where a customer requires it. The final inspection is carried out after heat-treatment and any other processes that a customer may require.


After final inspection all castings are packaged in boxes or on pallets and can be despatched either by courier or by using our own transport direct to your door.